Planetary Change


The shift
It's real. And it's happening now,

to everyone and everything.


As a sensitive and empath, I am very much in tune with the understanding of metaphysics, shifting energy, and the process of planetary change, as well as connected to the vast community of gifted healers in the world. I can assure you that you are not crazy, the changes you are noticing within your own body and out in the world are real, and you are not alone. We are all in this together!  No one has more eloquently and lovingly expressed what this planetary Shift is all about than Meredith Murphy. I hope you enjoy her article from January 2013, and that it helps you to make sense of the subtle shifts we are in process with as we awaken.



The shift
It's real. And it's happening now, to everyone and everything.
By Meredith Murphy

Are you feeling restless?

Experiencing a sense of discontentment that comes from a feeling that there is more to life? A deeper current of meaning that you sense might be available, might make you happier, make life easier, make you feel more fulfilled and at peace? Have you noticed that there is an underlying movement toward greater awareness? Do you feel that a lot of the change in the world might might actually be good, might reflect the deeper feeling inside many people that things need to change, rather then interpreting all of this as though something bad happening?

Do you feel a desire to live from your true feelings? To stop doing things you don't enjoy and that don't feel right? Would it be an enormous relief to just live from your heart and say what you feel and let go of all the relationships, situations and patterns that you know aren't working and that are in some way are not authentic, but you're not quite sure how to do that, or if you can...?

Do you sense the way you feel, the changes you are experiencing are part of a larger shift in energy on our planet or perhaps even in our Universe?

Welcome home

These kinds of feelings are happening within the life of many people I know and certainly I've experienced them myself. You're in good company, for there is indeed a vast shift taking place in our lives and onour planet. Lots of people are being drawn more and more to experiences of substance, to. To ways of living and being that open up the realm of what we typically think of as spiritual, or the inner world of knowing, feeling. Many people are being led in amazing ways, that involve synchronicity and seemingly inexplainable coincidences to turn inward and listen to this call of the heart. What happens when we do turn inward is we begin to live from our own experiences and knowing and this is changing humanity and the energy on our planet.

In effect, the evolution of our planet and our being is arising within our awareness. We are connected to all life and as such the changes in the Earth and in others on the planet are felt by us. We may not know that is what we are feeling, but it affects our experience nonetheless. We are changing and so is the Earth and there is increasingly no denying this.

I've discovered that as we realize this and begin to look for others who might understand or relate to what we're going through that we have the most beautiful experience of discovering many others who know exactly what we feel like and are either feeling it now, or have already been there. There are common elements to this experience of the Shift, or Awakening, and once you begin to participate in the conversation you begin to see there is indeed a pattern, there are waves and similar experiences taking place, there is something larger happening which we can talk about and understand and in this clarity comes a sense of belonging, connection, validation, relief and empowerment.

You've arrived at a virtual base-camp and gathering place for these new spiritual adventurers of our time cultivating and raising their energy, their vibration. My intention in creating Expect Wonderful is provide an oasis for awakening humans dedicated to expanding human potential.

To support, empower and inspire us as we are remembering and learning how to use the alchemy of our energy and focus to create our experience and ultimately, to reinvent our world and the collective and individual experiences here.

We're exploring new paradigms of being.

Using our own direct experience to understand more about the nature of reality, our relationship within the Cosmic whole, about energy and the nature of our presence here on Earth and within the vastness of being, the Unified Field of existence. In effect we're entering into a conscious, direct relationship with All-That-Is, what we have in the past called "God" or the Divine. We're claiming our own identity as individuated aspects of this Source of All Being and learning how to live with this truth as the foundation of our being.

Here you'll find kindred souls with and the chance to be among your own kind. You may participate in many ways. There are collective experiences, individual opportunities for support, regular articles and messages about energy trends and ways to cultivate your life, workshops and self-paced digital courses, retreats and books. You may be as involved in as many ways as feels right to you and serves your evolution. I am here as a bridge to Spirit, one of many who have been called into service at this time. I am only here to support your empowerment, not as a Guru or a know-it-all. YOU actually, are the only one who can most appropriately guide your life. I am here to share pathways of evolution that have given me deep confidence and expansion. I offer them to bridge the way for you with greater ease, as I have benefited from those who taught and share with me.

My most sacred call is to create ways for you to explore the deeper currents within your own life. to inspire and support you and in doing so, for us all to live with more confidence, clarity and joy.

Come here to celebrate and participate in conversations about the deeper current of your life that is emerging within you. Come here in those very challenging moments and you'll be inspired to trust your inner sense of what's happening, to believe in your life, to recognize and reclaim your innate wisdom and be able to tap into this and use it to transform your life and our world.  In this auspicious moment, when You and I have connected, we have the chance to share together in this unprecedented collective great awakening.

The world is changing. In a big way.

Many different perspectives exist about this. What is yours? Some people think things are falling apart. They are. {smile} Some people also notice that things which were not sustainable, not built on the interconnectedness of our planet and all life on it are not working anymore. If you pay attention, that is what's falling apart. In essence, it's those systems and patterns, institutions and relationships not rooted in love and respect for life and sustainability that are dissolving.

What's also changing or falling apart is that which no longer fits us or serves us--collectively or individually. I understand that life, civilization, the planet and our ways of being are metamorphosizing, but in an evolutionary way toward greater wholeness, unity and awareness of love. This great awakening is sometimes called the "shift", or spoken about in conversations about 11:11 and 2012. The terms some people use is "ascension" which means a rise in frequency. It's what people mean when they say there's more light coming into the Earth plane, or that they're feeling the energy is "intense" lately.

The more you awaken, the more you WILL notice the energy of your experience--for everything IS energy, including you.

We're all doing this at our own pace and no one is left out. Each of us is led from within in the way which is perfect for us. We're participating in a collective experience of personal awakening.

Some of us are already awake. Some are just awakening and not sure yet what's happening or how to handle all that is taking place. And some are still asleep.

Around you in the "outside world" the systems, physical patterns and structure of the Earth's civilization and our planet is changing--"falling apart"--many ways of being and systems are no longer sustainable or working.

Many people are experiencing the ascending energy and the changes in vibration as huge and challenging--noticing big changes in health, relationships, work, values, financial situations and not knowing what to rely on. Things are seemingly moving faster and what used to make sense, doesn't anymore. If one allows fear to create perception there could be used to create anxiety, a sense of doom, distrust and negativity.

With love as our orienting energy, the view offers some incredible joyful experiences of empowerment, of expansion and continually emerging openings, and the sustainable experience of optimism and happiness. We are awakening to expanded possibilities and potential. Our planet and all of us are on a great adventure to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness. We're headed for a higher band of energy/frequency an experience beyond the illusions of duality and the exploration of these lower vibrational energies.

As part of this we begin to remember and embrace our true identity as divine, multidimensional, eternal and abundantly powerful beings emanating into this human form. We begin to really know within us, that we have created this human experience (one of our many simultaneous experiences across the Universe!), and we step increasingly into this new landscape and experience with a sense of empowerment and curiosity about our true capacities.

We're learning to open inward and find our innate wisdom and feel the Oneness which is the true foundation of reality! Physically, we are being stretched, tempered, re-made and learning to hold more light and a higher vibration or frequency of energy within our cells, within our very bodies; we are morphing! The base resonant frequency of our planet and indeed our whole galaxy is rising; and we pulse with this frequency and are increasingly initiated into this ascending energy.

Together we’re exploring what it means to live with higher levels of consciousness, and learning new ways of being.

Being human at this time is truly a gift; for we're profoundly evolving the civilization in which we are currently focused.

Wonderful isn't it?

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